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Experimental music, inspired by elegant parties, countless hors d'oeuvres, and responsible psychedelia.



The tomatoband experiment commenced in Richmond, VA in the fall 0f 2010.  Life-long friends, Charlie Mitchell, guitar, and Alex Irwin, keyboards, starting writing odd music and performing it around town as a duo.  Some catchy tunes melted into some weird improvisation, and the mold was born.

In 2017, tomatoband fully-relocated to Charleston, SC and added Alan Stern, bass guitar, and Jake Acheson, drums.  Now, with dozens of original tunes and more on the way, the experiment has taken on greater scale.  With the debut release of Disc Uncertain on Wappoo Cuts Records in August 2017, the band established themselves as willing bards for a new generation.  Their hard work was recognized when the Charleston City Paper named tomatoband a finalist for Jam Band of the Year in 2017.


With their sophomore album, Routine Interactions, released May 14, 2018, tomatoband is just getting started. As with Disc Uncertain, the band wanted an album with a cohesive theme or thread that connects each song to one another in order to form a complete piece. This time around, the thing that makes these songs work so well together is the fact that they are all quite different. The use of many varied textures resulted in interesting sonic combinations, which, when paired with adventurous lyrics, are what make Routine Interactions anything but routine.


Featured in the July/August 2018 issue of Relix Magazine and nominated for the second year in a row for Jam Band of the Year in Charleston, tomatoband is being recognized for its hard work and original approach to sound and music. With a strong emphasis on satirical songwriting and improvisation, the band's sound manifests itself in a unique live performance at each stop along the road.


The Post and Courier describes tomatoband's sound as "experimental...featuring funk, jazz, electronic, reggae and psychedelic elements...Explorative ethereal patterns...unlike anything you've ever quite heard."


We just call ourselves a rock band.


Guitar - Charlie Mitchell
Pianos - Alex Irwin
Bass Guitar - Alan Stern
Drums - Jake Acheson


Since 2010



Management & Booking

Ivan Poisniak


'The Vine' Quarterly Newsletter

Rodney-Scott Del Vecchio is a reclusive journalist thought to be living in a small loft in Richmond's Historic Fan District. Rarely in the public eye, Del Vecchio was one of the first reporters to pick up the tale of tomatoband and he remains the unofficial Chief Chronicler of the band to this day. Quarterly, Del Vecchio pens a short piece concerning the activity, or lack there of, within the tomatoband realm. His handwritten, mailed manuscripts are always a delight to read and a true insight into the strange, often murky microcosm that is tomatoband