Playing ketchup


tomatoband original

PLayed Live: 19 Times

Earliest: 11/24/2014

recommended version: 7/30/2019

*Noteworthy for being the song played the most times live


We might've been alright while we were playin with ketchup

but we started with tomatoes and they're all messed up.

Faces in the crowd, like vines uninvited,

and we smeared 'em all stayed quiet.

After a minute (a moment) the faces felt welcome.

They vines on the wall improved the scene.

A scene like this, you don't see often, as the faces turn red from green.

Everything's cool; we're just playin ketchup.

What a tricky business is playin with ketchup.

It slides through your fingers, collects on your shoes.

It usually strikes when you've just gotten dressed up.

It dribbles your front, and your patience is bruised.

Everything's cool; we're just playin ketchup.