bird hotel

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Bird Hotel was produced, written, arranged, and performed by tomatoband


tomatoband is

Charlie Mitchell // guitar

Alex Irwin // keyboards

Alan Stern // bass guitar

Jake Acheson // drums


Recorded at Coast Records (mostly) and Wappoo Cuts Studio (some).


Matt Zutell, Coast Records - Production, Mixing Engineer

Matt Garber, For The Record Mastering - Mastering Engineer


℗ 2019 Wappoo Cuts Records. © 2019 Wappoo Cuts Records.

Manufactured in the US. All rights reserved.

As many of you already know, the band has been in the studio working on a record which we have chosen to call ‘Bird Hotel’. These songs have been brewing in our cauldron for some time now and it is our true pleasure and delight to finally present them to you as they were meant to be heard. Composing and arranging the music is just the first step in a surprisingly lengthy journey from our brains to your ears. We were not alone on that voyage, however, and we must personally thank our friend Matt Zutell for making the recording and production seem easy. While we thought the title ‘Bird Hotel’ would be self explanatory, we have many times been asked what it means. Without being too cryptic, it’s probably best to answer that question with a verbal portrait:

“The Bird Hotel is perched on the precariously shifting sands of a far flung island that rests inside a distant archipelago. Colorful drinks fill sparkling glasses at the bar by the pool, and travelers from all sorts of far off places are scattered across the deck, lounging behind dark sunglasses. Above their heads, fans spin lazily in the tropical evening heat. Gumdrops on the horizon are the remnants of once fearsome volcanoes, now supposedly dormant, and the sun paints the sea between their peaks in brilliant shades of purple and orange. It is against this exotic backdrop that a strange music arrives as if blown in by the trade winds. I turn to listen. The sounds seem to be coming from inside the hotel; alien notes escape the shuttered windows. At the entrance, a smiling woman beckons in a vaguely Polynesian way, inviting me inside. Without hesitation, I follow her across the threshold and into the silken shade of the Bird Hotel...”

In summary, we went as far out as we could with this one, and we hope that you will approach these songs with that idea in mind, as well. We tend to get pretty excited about these sorts of things, and this record is no exception. We only hope that you enjoy listening to it almost as much as we enjoyed making it.