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A full compilation unlike anything you’ve ever quite heard...it’s weird but it’s well-orchestrated...and memorable
— Post And Courier
An ethereal expedition into time and space, Disc Uncertain displays the band’s confidence in their craft and a true dedication to the fearless exploration of music itself...Disc Uncertain is ready to turn your living room into a wormhole.”
— Rodney-Scott Del Vecchio
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Experimental music, inspired by elegant parties, countless hors d'oeuvres, and responsible psychedelia.



Guitar - Charlie Mitchell
Pianos - Alex Irwin
Bass Guitar - Alan Stern
Drums - Jake Acheson


Hello world, this is tomatoband, have a listen and don’t expect to ever be the same again...
— Rodney-Scott Del Vecchio
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...the band went looking for gigs and found them in the most extraordinary places.
— Rodney-Scott Del Vecchio
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There are a number of ways to travel through time and visit past tomatoband shows. Three of those methods are safe and currently available to the general public. Explore them below.




The tomatoband show is a full on sensory experience. Video is the closest way to sysnthesize the tomatoband live experience.



If it's the big picture you are after or you have some time to kill, listen back to the sound board recordings from tomatoband shows past.

2017-08-03 - Charleston, SC - Pour House
2017-07-13 - Folly Beach, SC - Chico Feo
2017-04-22 - Folly Beach, SC - Chico Feo
2017-04-21 - Charleston, SC - Frothy Beard



Maybe you just want a quick window into other realms. tomatoband selects everyone's favourite jams and assembles them for you here.

Taking it out on the audience would become a hallmark of almost every tomatoband performance...
— Rodney-Scott Del Vecchio
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Rodney-Scott Del Vecchio is a reclusive journalist thought to be living in a small loft in Richmond's Historic Fan District. Rarely in the public eye, Del Vecchio was one of the first reporters to pick up the tale of tomatoband and he remains the unofficial Chief Chronicler of the band to this day. Quarterly, Del Vecchio pens a short piece concerning the activity, or lack there of, within the tomatoband realm. His handwritten, mailed manuscripts are always a delight to read and a true insight into the strange, often murky microcosm that is tomatoband.

tomatoband began its intrepid journey in a cold, but soulful basement in Richmond, Virginia. 2010 was the year and Budweiser the beer...
— Rodney-Scott Del Vecchio