The tomatobase

Stanley Theman started off as a regular tomatoband fan just like you. Over time, however, his archiving skills shone and he was anointed official tomatoband archivist. Below you can find a record of all known tomotoband shows and set lists.

You will also find a comprehensive list of every song played live by tomatoband, along with the earliest and best versions, number, of times played, and a breakdown of which songs were played at which show.

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10/4/2019, Nowhere Bar, Athens, GA

***Ripe for listening on Soundcloud. Click here to check it out!

‪Prelude > Head > Fantastique > Eye In The Sky > Yard Party > Meat Load, Interviews by the Pool, Ordinary Day, Part of the Process* > Octopus Pie, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, The Horse’s Head > Walk Like An Egyptian

* Auld Lang Syne tease
# Truth Hurts (Lizzo) quote

10/3/2019, The Senate, Colombia, GA

With Perpetual Groove

Cushion > Back and Forth, Footsteps, Modern Entertainment > Playing Ketchup, Walk Like an Egyptian

9/27/2019, The White Mule, Columbia, SC

Jungle Bungalow > Fantastique > In The Mood > Interviews, Breakfast In Bed, Walk Like An Egyptian > Meatload > Yodis, Ordinary Day > Maggot Brain > Ordinary Day

9/10/2019, Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC

*Charlie on Andy Greenberg’s Languedoc guitar
^w/ Andy Greenberg (Runaway Gin) on guitar

Prelude > Modern Entertainment, Shady Grove* > Playing Ketchup^, The Horse’s Head, Interviews by the Pool, Footsteps, Sirius > Eye in the Sky > Cushion > Cool Windsor, Back and Forth

9/13/2019, Knoxville, TN

Cushion, Meat Load > Interviews By The Pool, Footsteps > Gorbachev's Birthmark > Cool Windsor > 2001, Yodis, Ordinary Day

9/12/2019, Nighthawks, Jacksonville, FL

*with John-Michael Brown on Harmonica

Modern Entertainment > Fantastique, Breakfast in Bed, Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Shady Grove > Playing Ketchup, The Horse’s Head*, Walk Like An Egyptian

9/10/2019, Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC

Set 1: In The Mood, Interviews By The Pool, Modern Entertainment, The Horse's Head, Maggot Brain, Back and Forth, Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup
Set 2: Jam, Gorbachev's Birthmark, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Gun, Footsteps, Cushion

9/3/2019, Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC

5th TomatoTuesday residency‪
Hurricane Dorian Relief concert

Set1: Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Steven Goes to Jail, Cool Windsor > Interviews By The Pool > Cool Windsor, Ordinary Day, Walk Like an Egyptian
Set 2: Modern Entertainment > Jungle Bungalow, Octopus Pie > Cushion, Playing Ketchup, In the Mood, Also Sprach Zarathustra > Head > Sirius > Yard Party, Meat Load

8/27/2019, Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC

4th TomatoTuesday residency show*Auld Lang Syne tease

Set 1: Meat Load > Eye In The Sky, Modern Entertainment, Back and Forth, Yodis*
Set2: Rats > Shady Grove, Maggot Brain, Footsteps, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, In The Mood. And Ordinary Day, The Horse's Head

8/13/2019, Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC

3rd TomatoTuesday residency show

Set 1: An Afternoon Outdoors > Playing Ketchup > Shady Grove* > Part of the Process, Modern Entertainment, Cushion, Cool Windsor‬

Set 2 : Footsteps, In the Mood, Interviews by the Pool, Walk Like An Egyptian > Sirius > Head, Gun > Octopus Pie‬

8/6/2019, Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SC

2nd TomatoTuesday residency show

Set 1:Head > Gorbachev's Birthmark > Rats, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Yodis, An Afternoon Outdoors > I Know You Rider, Breakfast in Bed
Set 2:Sirius > Eye In The Sky > Stir It Up, 2001, Ordinary Day, Yeti, Yard Party > Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes to Jail

7/30/2019, Charleston Pour House Charleston, SC

First TomatoTuesday residency

‪Set 1: Playing Ketchup > Octopus Pie > Cushion > Modern Entertainment > Cushion, Cool Windsor, Interviews by the Pool > Maggot Brain > In the Mood‬
Set ‪2: Walk Like An Egyptian > Head > Walk Like An Egyptian, Footsteps, Back & Forth, Meat Load, Gun > Fantastique, Jungle Bungalow‬

7/27/2019 Sigh in July, Athens, GA

Sigh In July Fest

Cushion, Modern Entertainment, Fantastique, Breakfast in Bed > Walk Like an Egyptian, Jungle Bungalow > Back and Forth

7/26/2019 New Brookland Tavern, West Columbia, SC

Cool Windsor, Footsteps, Heathen Stevens > Gun > Maggot Brain > Oh Jah Din > Head > Stevens Goes To Jail

7/20/2019 Purple Buffalo Charleston, SC

Freedom Fest

Jungle Bungalow > Interviews By The Pool, Gun, Breakfast in Bed, Yeti, Yodis

7/10/2019 Charleston Pour House Charleston, SC

with Masseuse

Prelude > Yard Party > Yodis, Breakfast in Bed*, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Jungle Bungalow > Head > Stevens Goes To Jail, An Afternoon Outdoors

* debut, All songs on Youtube starting with:

6/14/2019 White Mule Columbia, SC

With Cletus Baltimore

Meat Load > Gorbachev’s Birthmark> Cool Windsor, Claviceps Purpurea*, In the Mood, Back and Forth, The Horse’s Head, An Afternoon Outdoors, Jungle Bungalow > Octopus Pie > Modern Entertainment, Ordinary Day, E: Footsteps

* Debut

5/31/2019 Pour House*Charleston, SC

With The Fritz

Shakin the Bottle > Playing Ketchup, Modern Entertainment, Gun, Interviews by the Pool. Your Party**

* With Tanner Kirk on Sax - Video here:
** debut, Ween Cover

5/17/2019 The Windjammer*Isle of Plams, SC

with Travers Brothership

Modern Entertainment, Fantastique, Playing with Ketchup, An Afternoon Outdoors, Rats, Interviews by The Pool, In The Mood

5/11/2019 Chico Feo Charleston, SC

2nd annual tomatofest, night 2

Set 1: Cushion, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Octopus Pie > Jungle Bungalow > Cool Windsor, Footsteps
Set 2: Sirius > Eye In The Sky, Ordinary Day, Yeti, Gun > Part of the Process, Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes to Jail
E: Cocaine > Maggot Brain > Bulls Reprise

5/10/2019 Chico Feo Charleston, SC

2nd anual tomatofest, night 1
Set 1: Prelude, Back and Forth, Modern Entertainment, Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Head > Interviews By the Pool, In the Mood, Daylight In the Swamp
Set 2 : Yodis, Rats > Also Sprach Zarathustra, Fantastique, Meat Load* > An Afternoon Outdoors, Yard Party
E: Horse's Head

*Bulls on Parade tease

5/2/2019 Burns Alley Tavern

Set1: Footsteps, An Afternoon Outdoors, Rhumbotronic Esocflawn, Head, Yodis, Ordinary Day
Set 2: Jungle Bungalo > Playing Ketchup, Octopus Pie > Maggot Brain > Cool Windsor*, In the Mood, Modern Entertainment



Set 1: Sirius > Eye, Modern Entertainment, SAGA, Walk Like and Eqyptian, Octopus Pie, Footsteps
Set 2: Yard Party, Cushion, Lawyers, Guns & Money, Yonfer Mountain, Interviews by the Pool, Yeti, Horse's Head

4/19/2019 Surf Bar Folly Beach, SC

Happy Bicycle Day

Set 1: In the Mood > Head > Bee Hive, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Playing with Catsup > Cocaine, Daylight in the Swamp
Set 2 : Interviews by the Pool, Jungle Bungalo, Countdown > Auld Lang Syne > 2001 > Legalize It, Fantastique, Worm, Cypt

4/6/2019 The White Mule

Set 1: 2001> Daylight in The Swamp, Cushion,yard, Party > Meat Load, Ordinary Day, Yonder Motion, Yodis
Set 2: Layers, Guns and Money, Footsteps, Beehive > Head > Beehive, Fantastique, Jungle Bungalo > 2001 > Modern Entertainment
E: Saga

2/15/2019 Unsure Location

Prelude > Meat Load > In the Mood > Jungle Bungalow > Fantastique, Can You Picture That?, Modern Entertainment*, Yodis > Meat Load Reprise

1/26/2019 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC

Prelude > Sirius > Eye in the Sky > Jungle Bungalow, Stir It Up*, Bee Hive, Can You Picture That?, Fantastique, Ordinary Day, Also Sprach Zarathustra > Interviews by the Pool, Footsteps, Yard Party > Meat Load

* With Jeff Strickland on vocals

1/25/2019 Swanon's Warehouse Greenville, SC

Free Show - dedicated to all the baby mamas out there

Set 1: Prelude > Can You Picture That?, Octopus Pie, In the Mood > Yard Party > Meat Load, Jungle Bungalow > An Afternoon Outdoors
Set 2:Cushion, Lawyers Guns and Money*, Cocaine*, Gun > Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Yonder Motion, Yodis

* with Trey Francis of Dead 27s

1/12/2019 Smith's Olde BarAtlanta, GA

Czech Republic > Fantastique, Ordinary Day, Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Yonder Motion, Sirius > Eye in the Sky > Head > Bee Hive, Gun > Footsteps, Can You Picture That?, Yodis


12/29/2018 Pour HouseCharleston, SC

with Perpetual Groove with Wild Adriatic

Set 1: Bee Hive, In the Mood > Cushion, Yard Party > Meat Load, Daylight in the Swamp
Set 2:Can You Picture That?* > Head^ > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Jungle Bungalow > Octopus Pie, Fantastique, Blur

* debut (cover)
^ with Scott Hannay of Wild Adriatic on lead synth

8/17/2018 The Cave Chapel Hill, NC

Set 1:Prelude > Yonder Motion, Yard Party > Interviews by the Pool, Mind of a Fly > Auspicious Moons > Gun, Daylight in the Swamp
Set 2:Octopus Pie > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn > Back and Forth, Yeti, Rats > Fantastique, In the Mood, Ordinary Day

8/15/2018 Pour House Charleston, SC

Prelude > Fantastique > Head > An Afternoon Outdoors > Octopus Pie > Yonder Motion, Footsteps, Bee Hive, In the Mood, Gun > Ordinary Day, Lawyers Guns and Money

6/8/2018 JohnKing Charleston, SC

Set 1: In the Mood, Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes to Jail, Blur, Yeti, Yodis, Cocaine*, Daylight in the Swamp
Set 2: Cushion > Mind of a Fly > Cool Windsor, Octopus Pie > Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Infestation > Rats > Also Sprach Zarathustra
Set 3: Walk Like an Egyptian > Head > Yard Party > Meat Load, Interviews by the Pool, Gun > Footsteps, Bee Hive
Encore: Meat Load

* tomatoband debut

5/16/2018 Pour House Charleston, SC

Routine Interactions Release Party
Set 1: Shaking The Bottle, Playing Ketchup, In The Mood*, Gun, Blur, Yard Party > Interviews by the Pool, Mind of a Fly > Rats# > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Kevin's Worm#, Ordinary Day
Set 2: Footsteps, Lawyers Guns and Money$ > 2001%, Head, Part of the Process*, Walk Like an Egyptian*, Bee Hive#, Cushion^, Cool Windsor
Encore: Meat Load

* w/ Mary Gilmore
# w/ Justin Kessler
$ w/ David Buck (BYOG)
% w/ Andy Greenberg (Runaway Gin)
^ w/ Mark Davis (The Travelin' Kine)

4/7/2018The Purple Buffalo Charleston, SC


Set 1: Shaking The Bottle > Yard Party > Meat Load, It Was A Good Day*# > Cool Windsor#, Mind Of A Fly#, Ordinary Day, Lawyers Guns and Money, Rats > Shaking The Bottle

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Walk Like An Egyptian > Octopus Pie, Blur, GunSet 3: In The Mood, Cushion, Daylight In The Swamp, Bee Hive, Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes To Jail, Playing Ketchup > Head, Interviews By The Pool

Encore: Yodis

*w/ Abract
#w/ Fusion Hornz

3/30/2018 Chico Feo Charleston, SC

Streamed via Facebook Live

Ordinary Day, Blur, Playing Ketchup > Yard Party, Interviews By The Pool, Stevns in Jail, In the Mood, Da Funk, Gun, Rats, Auspcious Moons

2/10/2018 John King Charleston, SC

Set 1: In The Mood, Blur, Interviews By The Pool, Shaking The Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Yard Party > Octopus Pie > Shaking The Bottle
Set 2: Daylight In The Swamp > Cool Windsor, Yeti, Mind Of A Fly > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Ordinary Day
Set 3: Head > Cushion > Rats > One Ear, Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes To Jail, Meat Load

*smoke alarm can be heard throughout the show from over-use of the tomatoband fog machine.


9/30/2017 Charleston Pour House

Opened for Runaway Gin!

Set 1: Part Of The Process*, Yard Party, Des Moines, Daylight In The Swamp**, One Ear, Stevens Goes To Jail, Interviews By The Pool, Back And Forth, Rats, Meat Load
Set 2: Infestation > Gun > Shaking The Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Cool Windsor, I Know You Rider^, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Yeti, Mind Of A Fly > Auspicious Moons > Gorbachev's Birthmark > Shaking The Bottle

*tomatoband debut (Morcheeba cover)
^with Regina Ferguson

8/3/2017 PourHouse Charleston, SC

Disc Uncertain Album release party!

Set 1: Yard Party > Meat Load, Auspicious Moons, Des Moines, Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes To Jail, Yeti, Interviews By The Pool
Set 2: Cushion > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn > Shakin' The Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Mind Of A Fly, One Ear, Infestation > Rats, Octopus Pie

7/13/2017 Chico Feo Charleston, SC

live painting from Leslie Caneda and Living Color.

Set 1:Yeti, One Ear, Yard Party[1], Octopus Pie > Gorbachev's Birthmark > Meat Load, Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes To Jail, Da Funk
Set 2: Shakin' The Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Rats, Auspicious Moons > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Mind Of A Fly > Cool Windsor, Interviews By The Pool, Back And Forth

4/22/2017 PourHouse Charleston, SC

Earth Day Show
The second of two shows on 4/22/17. This set was from 8:30-11.

Set 1:Czech Republic, Rats, Shakin' The Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Shakin' The Bottle, Meat Load, Mind Of A Fly > Cool Windsor, Interviews By The Pool, Yeti
Set 2:Auspicious Moons > Gorbachev's Birthmark > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Octopus Pie > Also Sprach Zarathustra, One Ear, Yodis, Back And Forth > Da Funk
Encore: Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes To Jail

Frothy BeardCharleston, SC

Set 1:Octopus Pie > Shakin' The Bottle > Playing Ketchup, Cushion, Meat Load, Auspicious Moons
Set 2: Interviews By The Pool > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Oh Jah Din > Rats, Yeti, Yodis > Cool Windsor, Back And Forth > Da Funk


12/30/2016 Purple Buffalo Charleston, SC

(I)Shakin' The Bottle, Playing Ketchup, One Ear, Cushion, Mind Of A Fly, Yodis, Yeti, Back And Forth
(II) Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Meat Load, Octopus Pie, Infestation, Rats, Auspicious Moons, Cool Windsor, Heathen Stevens, Oh Jah Din, Stevens Goes To Jail

11/19/2016 Purple Buffalo Charleston, SC

Grand Opening of Purple Buffalo
Set 1: For Purple - Meat Load - Mind Of A Fly - Rhumbotronic Escoflawn - Cushion Yodis Infestation Rats - 2001
Set 2: Banter Octopus Pie Auspicious Moons Cool WindsorOh Jah Din,Maggot Brain ,Shakin' The Bottle , Playing Ketchup,Shakin' The Bottle
Set 3 Banter, One Ear, Back And Forth, Da Funk

Debut of Back and Forth

10/1/1016 Green Bar Tuscaloosa, AL

Shakin' The Bottle > Playing Ketchup > One Ear, Auspicious Moons > Rhumbotronic Escoflawn > Octopus Pie, Yeti, Cool Windsor > Oh Jah Din > Mind of A Fly > Cool Windsor

Auspicious Moons debut

7/9/2016 Pour HouseCharleston, SC

Set 1:Infestation >Rats >Meat Load, Shakin' The Bottle >Playing Ketchup >One EarDa Funk
Set 2:2001 >Cool Windsor >Mind Of A Fly >Cool Windsor ,Yeti,Rhumbotronic Escoflawn > Heathen Stevens >Oh Jah Din >Stevens Went To Jail >2001


8/15/2015 King Dusko Charleson, SC

Infestation > Maggot Brain > Piper, The Horse's Head, Playing Ketchup*, Guest Gong > Cool Windsor > Oh Jah Din > Head , River trance > Da Funk

* with Crosseyed and Painless quote

5/2/2015 Green BarTuscaloosa, AL

free, with Pyrite Parachute

Infestation, Playing Ketchup ( setlist incomplete)


11/24/2014 King DuskoCharleston, SC

set 1:2001, Gun, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Albuquerque, Head, Playing Ketchup, Piper
set 2: One Ear, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn variation, Interviews By The Pool

2/1/2014 Tuscaloosa, AL

Set 1: Head, Cushion, I know You Rider > The River > I know You Rider,
Set 2: Fuckin Problems, Interview's By The Pool, The Horse's Head, Yodis, The Horse's Head, House of the Rising Sun (setlist incomplete)


12/18/2013 The Shelter Mount Pleasant, SC

*With Regina Ferguson

Head, The Buckin' Song, Stay*, Interviews By The Pool, The Horses Head, Fuckin Problems.


12/31/2010 Ben's House Richmond, VA

Washed Up Pimp, Cut and Run Down, Taffy, The River, 2001, Countdown, Auld Lang, Syne, Washed Up Pimp, Cushion, Tomatoband vs audience

12/10/2010 Phil'sRichmond, VA

Gun, Turtle Crossing, The Horses Head, Cushion, I know You Rider, Bad Butcher > Gun Reprise

12/7/2010 Monroe ParkRichmond, VAFirst

known show - Just Charlie and Alex

Cut and Run Down, Bad Butcher, Washed Up Pimp

If you are a true tomatoface nerd, you can find the raw data from the show and song tomatobase spreadsheet here.