JUST ANNOUNCED: tomatofest 2019




FRI 5/11 & SAT 5/12 - Chico Feo - Folly Beach, SC


The thrills of late spring have descended upon The Lowcountry.  All about, the season bids a warm salutation.  Paper white jasmine blossoms explode like fireworks in the coastal air; sweet, salty, a savory snack.  The blackberry brambles in the dunes by the beach have become a butterfly hotel and brilliantly colored lizards are active in the potted plants on the porch, puffing their red throats expectantly.  All of this excitement could only mean one thing.  That’s right, you guessed it, (And how do you always seem to guess these things?!)  it’s time for tomatofest!  This year, the band is bringing it all back home to Folly Beach and the lush Chico Feo for 2 nights of mellifluous madness!  We will celebrate the season with art installations by The Red Door Designs to massage your eyes while tomatoband takes care of the rest.  2 nights, 4 sets of tomatoband, sea, sand, and so much more!  May 10-11, see you there!