tomatoband Added to Sigh In July Line-Up


Sunny days in June like these make us wonder, could the summer get any hotter? We sigh and mop our collective brow in the heat. Why, yes it could...We are brimming with excitement for our debut at Sigh In July Music and Arts Festival this year and we can’t wait to be a part of this amazing event!

Our set will be Saturday, July 27 at 6:00 at Live Wire Athens

Sigh In July is a grassroots music and arts festival in Athens, GA. The annual event features national and regional acts, creative workshops, and open bazaar for local artisans and visual artists. Sigh in July intends to diversify Athens’ culture by connecting all creative modalities in a community celebration.

Sigh In July is hosted by Athens’ homegrown, Universal Sigh. The unique jazz-rock fusion group developed an expansive local following through relentless touring, collaborative performances, and unique song writing. Universal Sigh promotes acceptance, community, and sustainability for the future.

Sigh In July brings to life Universal Sigh’s vision of connecting artistic communities through the language of music. The festival highlights a wide-array of musical genres such as: Funk, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Fusion, Rock, World, Contemporary, Electronic and Jam.