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Routine Interactions was produced, written, and arranged by tomatoband


tomatoband is

Charlie Mitchell // guitar

Alex Irwin // keyboards

Alan Stern // bass guitar

Jake Acheson // drums


Recorded at Wappoo Cuts Studio.


Mixed and Mastered by Justin Kessler




℗ 2018 Wappoo Cuts Records. © 2018 Wappoo Cuts Records.

Manufactured in the US. All rights reserved.

On May 14, we released our second full-length record, Routine Interactions.  As with Disc Uncertain, the August 2017 release, we wanted an album with a cohesive theme or thread that connects each song to one another in order to form a complete piece. This time around, the thing that makes these songs work so well together is the fact that they are all quite different. The use of many varied textures resulted in, we think, interesting sonic combinations, such as a light, airy acoustic guitar blended fluidly with a heavily phased bass and a synthesizer of questionably alien origin.  Each song presents a different combination of sounds, carefully mixed to insure maximum depth without over-loading the ear of the listener.

While staying true to our style of composing with sections built for improvisation, we think we managed a remarkably pulled-together arrangement on Routine Interactions. Much of the energy put into songwriting went towards lyrically adventurous tunes, addressing whatever thoughts were snapping through the band's brains at the time.  Content dealing with sophisticated themes like food, insects, landscaping, and general excess paired with thoughtful complementary instrumentation are what make Routine Interactions anything but routine.