LISTEN: tomatofest Soundboard Recordings

2019-05-10 - Folly Beach, SC - Chico Feo

2019-05-10 - Folly Beach, SC - Chico Feo

2019-05-11 - Folly Beach, SC - Chico Feo

2019-05-11 - Folly Beach, SC - Chico Feo

tomatofest 2019, Night One


Set I: Back & Forth, Modern Entertainment, Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Head > Interviews By the Pool, In the Mood, Daylight in the Swamp

Set II: Yodis, Rats > Also Sprach Zarathustra, Fantastique, Meat Load*,  An Afternoon Outdoors, Yard Party**

E: Horse’s Head

* Bulls On Parade tease

** with Meat Load ending

tomatofest 2019, Day Two


Set 1: Cushion, Rhumbotronic Escoflawn, Octopus Pie > Jungle Bungalow > Cool Windsor, Footsteps

Set 2: Sirius > Eye In The Sky, Ordinary Day, Yeti, Gun > Part of the Process, Heathen Stevens > Oh Jah Din > Stevens Goes to Jail

E: Cocaine > Maggot Brain > Bulls On Parade Reprise

JUST ANNOUNCED: tomatofest 2019




FRI 5/11 & SAT 5/12 - Chico Feo - Folly Beach, SC


The thrills of late spring have descended upon The Lowcountry.  All about, the season bids a warm salutation.  Paper white jasmine blossoms explode like fireworks in the coastal air; sweet, salty, a savory snack.  The blackberry brambles in the dunes by the beach have become a butterfly hotel and brilliantly colored lizards are active in the potted plants on the porch, puffing their red throats expectantly.  All of this excitement could only mean one thing.  That’s right, you guessed it, (And how do you always seem to guess these things?!)  it’s time for tomatofest!  This year, the band is bringing it all back home to Folly Beach and the lush Chico Feo for 2 nights of mellifluous madness!  We will celebrate the season with art installations by The Red Door Designs to massage your eyes while tomatoband takes care of the rest.  2 nights, 4 sets of tomatoband, sea, sand, and so much more!  May 10-11, see you there!

New Single, Fantastique, Out Now!



'Fantastique' is the lone single off the forthcoming 'Routine Interactions' LP release.

One of the most exciting things we get to do as a band is release new music to the public, and today we get to do just that!  ‘Fantastique’, now live on Spotify, is the premier single from the upcoming record, ‘Bird Hotel’, recorded with Coast Records in Charleston.  Composed by the tallest member of the band, Alex, this track isn’t short on flavor; we threw a little bit of everything into this one.  So, on this most exciting day, we thank you for indulging us in our efforts to expand the idea of rock music.  We also ask that you continue vigilantly watching the skies for the full album to drop later this week!

LISTEN: Three Winter Tour Shows Released on

2019-01-12 - Atlanta, GA - Smith’s Olde Bar

2019-01-12 - Atlanta, GA - Smith’s Olde Bar

2019-01-26 - Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern

2019-01-26 - Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern

2019-02-15 - Charlotte, NC - Skylark Social Club

2019-02-15 - Charlotte, NC - Skylark Social Club

2019-01-12 - Atlanta, GA - Smith’s Olde Bar

Czech Republic > Fantastique, Ordinary Day, Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Yonder Motion, Sirius > Eye in the Sky > Head > Bee Hive, Gun > Footsteps, Can You Picture That?, Yodis

2019-01-26 - Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern

Prelude > Sirius > Eye in the Sky > Jungle Bungalow, Stir It Up*, Bee Hive, Can You Picture That?, Fantastique, Ordinary Day, Also Sprach Zarathustra > Interviews by the Pool, Footsteps, Yard Party > Meat Load

*with Jess Strickland on vocals

2019-02-15 - Charlotte, NC - Skylark Social Club

Prelude > Meat Load > In the Mood > Jungle Bungalow > Fantastique, Can You Picture That?, Modern Entertainment*, Yodis > Meat Load Reprise


tomatoband Interview with Make Music Mine

Make Music Mine with Alex & Charlie

Make Music Mine is a new blog by Patrick Buckley, drummer for Charlotte-based funk band, Akita. The site is “for musicians and other artists trying to figure out and better themselves in the music industry to get closer to, (and reach), a point of sustaining themselves through their art.”

Buckley interviews Alex and Charlie from tomatoband at New Brookland Tavern just before their show on January 26, 2019.


JUST ANNOUNCED: tomatoband + sexbruise? at Charleston Pour House 3/20


tomatoband + sexbruise?

Charleston Pour House

Wednesday, March 20

Doors: 9:00 pm, Show: 10:00 pm

$8 cover or $5 with Dead on the Deck wristband

tomatoband is teaming up with sexbuise? for a big night at the Charleston Pour House on March 20! Pioneers of the weird and fighters of the cliche, its almost as if the two bands were meant to be together. See for yourself. Cover is $8 or you can get a discounted ticket if you show up early for Dead on the Deck.

LISTEN: Swanson's Warehouse show 1/25/19


2019-01-25 - Greenville, SC - Swanson's Warehouse

Set 1

Prelude > Can You Picture That?, Octopus Pie, In the Mood > Yard Party > Meat Load, Jungle Bungalow > An Afternoon Outdoors

Set 2

Cushion, Lawyers Guns and Money*, Cocaine*, Gun > Shaking the Bottle > Playing Ketchup > Yonder Motion, Yodis

* with Trey Francis of Dead 27s2019-01-12 - Greenville, SC - Charleston Pour House (Deck Show)

NEW DATES: Winter Tour 2019

tomatoband Rolls Through The Southeast

winter tour 1.jpg

Happy New Year, tomatofaces! In 2019, the boys over at tomatoband are beefing up their tour schedule and bringing the show on the road. If you live in Georgia or the Carolinas, you may be able to catch a show! With the rumored third full-length release, Bird Hotel, looming for a potential release in the next few months, you can expect psychedelic material, both new and old. Here’s where you can find live tomatoband in the coming months:

1/11 - Athens, GA - Nowhere Bar

1/12 - Atlanta, GA - Smith’s Olde Bar

1/25 - Greenville, SC - Swanson’s Warehouse

1/26 - Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern

2/15 - Charlotte, NC - The Rabbit Hole

2/16 - Asheville, NC - One World Brewing West

Charlie Featured In "Songwriters Connected" by Connections Media

Words Have Meaning

tomatoband Guitarist Charlie Mitchell was featured in the Songwriters Connected Charleston series of filmed performances offering a wide scope of the city’s music scene through short daily videos. Connections Media profiles artists in Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, and Charleston. On his trusty acoustic guitar, Charlie performs “An Evening in the Garden, Late Spring” - a song he wrote for the series.

“It’s interesting because it’s the first time I’ve ever written a song and put a deadline on myself to write it,” says Guitarbeque. “One of the main themes that came out of it was stress relief and avoiding complication, and the weird thing was that I had created this whole deadline and this whole stress situation for myself writing the song, and the song ended up being about relieving that.”

We recommend checking out this exclusive profile on our guitarist at Connections Media:

tomatoband Added to Abundance Line-Up

tomatoband has been added to the line-up for Abundance Music and Art Festival.  The camping festival will span three days in Walterboro, SC on a beautiful 38 acre farm with treehouse, a food forest and a mile-long nature trail!  It is sure to be a merry weekend filled with music, dance, healing, and unity.  The Charleston-based psychedelic foursome will be playing late in the evening of Saturday, November 17.  Other bands in the line-up include Nocturnal Kernalz, Logan and the Kidders, Muddy Kings, and more!  Reply to the Facebook event and get your tickets below.

tomatoband Returns to Richmond!

tomatoband Set to Make Triumphant Return to It’s Roots

richmond return fb.png

The Charleston-based Psychedelic Foursome Will Perform in Richmond for the First Time in 8 Years!

tomatoband began its intrepid journey in a cold, but soulful basement in Richmond, Virginia.  2010 was the year and Budweiser the beer. Alex and Charlie were home from college on "holiday" and decided to meet up for a night of drinking and music.  Sparks flew, the fuse was lit, and music as we know it here on earth would never be the same.  After many lengthy jam sessions and focused garden parties, the band began to take shape.  Alex held down the bass and drum sections on the fabled Casio ToneBank keyboard while also adding top-end textures like the much acclaimed "sirens" sound, and Charlie maintained a striping lead guitar tone laden with heavy, effects driven sequences.  


The band was to release two albums and play several shows that fall, all of which passed completely under the radar (more like over the heads!) of critical acclaim. The first disc, self titled but endearingly known as "Red Tomato", was cut of five songs and passed out to a few lucky faces at a Phish concert in Charleston, future home of the band.  This EP was completely overlooked although it introduced several tunes that would remain in the repertoire indefinitely.  "Red Tomato" was quickly followed by the crowning studio acheivement of the fall, naturally named "Green Tomato."  After the release of "Green Tomato", and many late-night rehearsals in the basement, the band went looking for gigs and found them in the most extraordinary places.


The first performances were outdoors in mid-December (bring your mittens!) and saw some of the finest jams of the season.  Notable moments came when the band played an impromtu show for the homeless at Monroe Park in downtown Richmond, and outside of the Happy Corner on Main Street.  A tape exists of the Monroe Park show on which the cold weather was unable to quell a scorching "Washed-Up Pimp" that defined the times for the band, fearless use of effects and dirty digital funk.  More fun was to be had on New Year's Eve that year when tomatoband graced a massive private house party downtown.  The energy that night was undeniable although a hostile crowd boldly threatened the band with Kanye West (great choice right?) cranked over the stereo. Never ones to back down from a challenge, the band initiated an intense feedback/effects jam that solidified their onstage persona and became affectionately (and appropriately) known as "Tomatoband vs. Audience."  Taking it out on the audience would become a hallmark of almost every tomatoband performance to follow.

A week later, Alex and Charlie departed Richmond and took tomatoband with them. Now, almost eight years later, tomatoband has grown on the vine. Bass and Drums, courtesy of Alan and Jake, help propel the band into the touring act that is ready to make it’s triumphant return to The Mond! Catch tomatoband at Cary St. Cafe on Saturday, October 13. Doors at 9…show starts at 10.

Carolinas Tour (Video + Two More Dates Added)

8/15 - Charleston, SC - Charleston Pour House  w/ LaGoons

8/16 - Duck, NC - Tap Shack

8/17 - Chapel Hill, NC - The Cave

8/18 - Asheville, NC - One Stop w/ LaGoons

8/19 - Greenville, NC - Swanson's Warehouse

9/5 - Raleigh, NC - Pour House Music Hall w/ CBDB

tomatoband Adds Dates, CBDB Collaboration

This August and September, you will be able to catch tomatoband in an array of settings.  From the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Charleston-based psychedelic troupe is hitting the road in style.  Starting on August 15, tomatoband will headline the Charleston Pour House with support from LaGoons before heading to North Carolina for a long weekend in the Tar Heel State.  After shows at the Tap Shack in Duck and The Cave in Chapel Hill, the band will reunite with LaGoons at The One Stop in Asheville.  Then, on Sunday, August 19, tomatoband is delighted to be performing for the Grand Opening of Swanson's Warehouse in Greenville, SC.  As if that wasn't enough, on September 5, the foursome will make their way back up to the Triangle to support CBDB at The Pour House Music Hall.  In preparation for the grueling hours on the road, the band will be accepting donations of Chex Mix and Mountain Dew at their next performance, the Charleston Pour House Deck, this Saturday at 6:30.

tomatoband Single 'Gun' Featured in Relix Magazine and CD Sampler


Wait, what?! How did this happen?! We have no idea, but you should check it out anyway. tomatoband is featured in this month's issue of Relix Magazine and included on the CD sampler with the single "GUN" from our latest studio release. Head over to your nearest public library so that you can get online and check out the Relix playlist, and while you're just wasting time on the internet, feel free to visit our website ( and sign up for the quarterly 'Vine' newsletter; the inaugural edition is set for release this week. Rush Limbaugh calls 'The Vine' America's most volatile news media outlet online today...and you can trust Rush. Trust us.

tomatoband Tours North Carolina

tomatoband_tour poster.jpg

August Run

NC Bound

TOUR ALERT! (An official update from the North Carolina Board of Tourism)
From the edge of the outer banks (Duck - Tap Shack), through Tar Heel Country (Chapel Hill - The Cave), and points west (Asheville - The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall), tomatoband is set to see the state this August. Beach? Mountains? Black asphalt, hot on your heels? There’s a little something for everyone this time around. We ask that as you traverse the state, while following the psychedelic foursome, be wary of wildlife....notably, shark attacks, and please report any black bear sightings to any one of the four band members, as they are anxious to see such a magnificent creature in its natural Eastern habitat.
8/15 - Charleston, SC - Charleston Pour House *
8/16 - Duck, NC - Tap Shack
8/17 - Chapel Hill, NC - The Cave
8/18 - Asheville, NC - The One Stop at Asheville Music Hall*

w/ LaGoons (you can call them with any bear sightings, too!)
Poster by Katie Irwin!!!